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Karate Pose


Family Tree Karate is different. We have years of experience in many disciplines and styles. The “Way of the Family Tree” incorporates the precision of a Tae Kwon Do technician, the fluidity of an Aikido master, the purity of a Submission Grappler, and the peacefulness of a Tai Chi artist.

We have defined and continue to improve our training to become “The Way of the Family Tree”. We express the nature of our art in the way we teach and the precise techniques that our students develop. Our style focuses on ‘The Family’ because only if we have roots can we grow.

We encourage our students to bring martial arts into their everyday lives and integrate it as a way of life.  Family Tree Karate has chosen a unique and refreshing approach to martial arts instruction. We take great pride in teaching and following the warrior’s selfless path.

Training rates

$125 a month (effective Jan 1, 2015)

$85 for third immediate family member that joins FTK

$25 for immediate family members after that

No locked-in contracts.

$40 – Uniform cost per member at signup

$35 – Graduation fee per member (occurs at each belt level)

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