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Here are a few testimonials of our clients experience with Family Tree Karate.  We would be honored for you to submit a testimonial as well, simply email it to for review.  Thank You!

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"Huge Increases in their Self-Confidence"

We cannot express enough how glad we are to have decided to become a part of Family Tree Karate. We were in search of something to assist us in developing our children as respectable, confident and caring children. We found that and more at FTK. We have noticed an amazing transformation in both of them. They are able to focus more at school and home. They are showing huge increases in their self-confidence and they are learning to respect themselves and others. And best of all, they are having fun, keeping active and forming friendships that can last a lifetime.

We are thankful to all the Sempi who are spending time with our children, but most of all Sempi Eric who is absolutely amazing. Our children are totally comfortable in his presence. We could not have asked for a better person for them to look up to.

Thank you FTK!


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"Strong Roll Models"

After the death of my husband in mid 2005 Family Tree Karate became a significant source of stability for my sons, Nate (12) and Jon (8). The then Sensei Hook (Shihan now) and Sempi Eric and Byron showed compassion and strength that the boys and I needed during this difficult time. They still serve as a surrogate family for all of us. When the boys or I have problems we feel comforted to know we can speak with these strong role models. This is shown in the commitment we give to this “Family”. Nate is currently a high brown belt, Jon a green belt and myself a white belt.


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