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Just a few things we want you to know about our school:

Snow Day Closings
Family Tree Karate will notify you of a school closing due to snow or inclement weather by 2 PM that day. Notification will be via email, Twitter, and our web site. We will also change our voice mail to reflect the closing.

If there is any concern or misunderstanding our web site,, is the final authority.

Private Lessons
Based on Availability

Monthly Fees
We offer a month-to-month payment option for your convenience. Payment is expected within the first week of the month, unless you have made other arrangements with the management.

Taking time off
FTK does not encourage taking random months off. This practice promotes inconsistency and is discouraging to students. They may often lose confidence in their martial arts skills, many times wanting to give up and quit. More importantly, this practice, if allowed by parents, displays a lack of responsibility and commitment which is contrary to one of the major lessons we teach at Family Tree Karate. Extended Vacationers there is an $75 per month Maintenance Fee to maintain your membership. 

Family Tree Karate believes that there is plenty of competition in this world. We think it is important to have a place and an activity that is solely for you, without worrying about who you have to be better than.

Our style of martial arts promotes personal growth, focusing on improving you.  You won’t be in competition with someone else, but instead compared to how you have improved from yesterday or the day before.

We request that parents do not compare their children on the mat to others, whether siblings or friends. Each student matures into martial arts on their time table. Be patient.

Your Child
We encourage you to let us know about your child’s progress at school and at home. If there are areas of excellence, show us. We save all the report cards, pictures and miscellaneous cool things in their file until they become a Black Belt. If there are areas of concern at school or at home, let us know. We may be able to address the class as a group and help.  Sometimes, one-on-one conversation with one of our instructors may best provide guidance and support.

We are a Family
We have established a scholarship program that enables students of families in need to train at Family Tree Karate. This includes not only new student families, but existing families, in event of divorce or a loss of job. If you can contribute slightly more than your monthly fee, Family Tree Karate will match your donation. Please consider the potential of your outreach.

Shihan, Sensei and all of the Sempi

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